Synchronizer is a tool allowing to synchronize two folders together.

You can use it, for example, to backup personal files to an external disk drive or another computer (if you are connected on a local network).

Its use is very simple, you need to create first a task by choosing :

  • the source folder, i.e. that containing the files to be transferred
  • the destination folder, i.e. that which will become an "image" of the source folder
  • a possible filter for the files to take into account and/or to exclude from research (by default, all the files will be treated)
  • a possible list of folders to be excluded from research
  • options to be applied (include sub-directories, empty folders delete, non-matching items delete, update of the destination only, shortcut creation, default task)

Then press on the Check button to see the list of the operations necessary to the folder synchronization, or on the Synchronize button to launch the treatment directly.

You can also define a project made up of several tasks. You will be able moreover to configure it to be launched automatically either with a command line (with the command line switch /AUTO) or with the included scheduling module (based on a launcher or a Windows service).

Synchronizer can be configured, for example, to preserve in file LOG the operations carried out or to modify the synchronization window color.

You can also choose the language to be used :

  • French (100%)
  • English (100%)
  • Italian (100%) - thanks to FarDux
  • Spanish (75%) - thanks to Jordi
  • Catalan (75%) - thanks to Jordi
Task configuration
Project configuration
Filters configurations
Exclude folders configuration
Application options
Log file
18/04/2009 Confirmation before closing the software when a synchronization is in progress
Two problems fixed
25/03/2009 Take into account the password protection mode on the scheduling tab
Three problems fixed
22/02/2009 Allows to schedule any task or project
Scheduling module (as a Launcher or a Windows service)
Option to ignore system files and folders
Option to play a sound file after a synchronization
Three problems fixed

New file comparison mode
Improved bidirectional synchronization logics
Check only mode
New option on tasks allowing to not delete filtered items
Nine problems fixed

Silent mode on automatic mode only
Synchronization errors display with retry capability (option)
Allows to shutdown the computer after the synchronization
Allows operation(s) cancel from the synchronization window
Allows the addition of a folder name on task exclusion list
Six problems fixed
New tab for tasks and projects quick launch
Confirmation before configuration update
Options and configuration password protection
Backup of deleted files on a dedicated folder
One problem fixed

For more details on each issue modifications , you can consult the file WathsNew.txt


This software was tested on Windows XP and Windows 2000.
It should also run on Windows VISTA (administrator account strongly recommended).

ZIP file
ZIP file including a
setup software
1703 Ko
3045 Ko
Manual installation
Unzip the ZIP file content (without setup software) on a folder of your choice.
If you have already installed a previous issue of Synchronizer, you just need to replace the old application file (SYNCHRONIZER.EXE) by the new one, then do the same for the resource files with ENU, ITA, ESP, CAT and FRA extension.